I Used An Equine Animal Communicator & I Would Do it Again

Animal communicators.

I’d heard of other people using them and how they were hit or miss. There are obviously crooks out there who prey on the weak — look at people using fake phone psychics, hearing generic answers that could pertain to anything in life. I have a friend who was telling me recently about how she used an animal communicator to talk with her senior horse, Britt, and how scarily accurate she was. She knew things that no one could have known. I wanted to see for myself what she could tell me about my retired mare and my new mare.

Debbie McGillivray of Animal Telepathy gave me an email consultation for my two mares, Margo and Piper. I asked her a handful of questions for each mare. Being the (hopeful) skeptic I am, I didn’t want to give anything away in my questions. Anything that would lead Debbie to an answer that she might think I’d want to hear. What I got back was pretty incredible.

Communication with Margo:

  1. How is she liking life with me? 
    “She shows me that she is treated exceptionally well, and that everyone knows her and she is very special. She says that al lot of attention is drawn to her lately and she loves this. She is loving all the time you spend with her and the social aspects of her life now. She says it is fun and she likes this. There is work but there is fun time too she tells me. She also loves all the gatherings at the barn it is a good feeling that is not too tense and proper, she likes this a lot. She says that she is very happy.  She also shows me that her feet are better she wants you to know.  She is showing me having some foot issues in the past, or trouble with shoes/feet. You are very observant she says.”
  2. Is she in any pain or feeling bad? 
    “She shows me that she will play with the bit a bit, as if she is trying to find a comfortable spot for it to rest. She would like it to maybe sit one hole higher in mouth. She also tells me that she lets you know when she has to stretch her neck and top, and that she admits sometimes she does it to prolong the down time, but she says nevertheless she needs it. Keep and eye on her right hock, she may have some on and off soreness here, it does not feel painful, but she is showing me that hock area. Also check inside her mouth, she may have a sore or point that is rubbing a bit in her mouth. It feels more like the right side to me. Work on poll area and having her release this area more through gentle pressure and release with hands while dismounted. She holds some tension here, and this helps her to process her training faster if this area is released first. She has sensitive eyes, be careful with bugs.”
  3. What could I be doing better for her? 
    “She shows me that her body gets away from herself sometimes and she has to work on the back working with the front more. She says that she can have long strides and she needs to work on being more controlled/collected at times. She says her corners need work and she kind of smirks. Check saddle fit she is showing me that she may need more padding under right side of wither/back area where thigh would sit in saddle. She could also have some muscle differences here that is causing this.” 
  4. Any other comments she really wants me to know? 
    “I am not sure if you are jumping her or not, but she gives me the feeling that she loves to jump and will be exceptional at it. She is showing me a celebration, so again I am not sure if you celebrated something recently birthday or something like this  but she is showing me that she loved being a part of all of this. She is very inquisitive and loves people and attention. If you plan on showing her at all, I feel like she will eat up the attention, but also be very competitive. She has a nice personality.”

What Debbie said about Margo is terrifyingly accurate. I have been working on getting her feet stronger, she has extremely fancy gaits with tons of suspension, and I’ve been working to get her back strong so she can get more in front of my leg. Something else that struck me is when she said Margo showed her balloons, some kind of celebration. The farm I board at hosts birthday parties and events occasionally. The weekend before I had reached out to Debbie, there was a huge birthday party with balloons everywhere. Margo was obsessed with sniffing the balloons and letting the kids love on her. No one else would have known that and it honestly scared me that Debbie mentioned it in her notes to me. Margo’s personality soaked through the reading and it was incredible.


  1. Overview:
    “When I connect with Piper she comes across as a very intelligent mare, and she tells me that she is the one the keeps you on your toes. She says that you and her are best friends and she has no problem giving you a hard time. She says that even though she is young, she is your teacher in many ways and she is not just talking about riding, she is talking life lessons and knowledge. This horse adores you and is grateful to you for all you have done for and with her she says. Kindred spirits.”
  2. Any other comments she really wants me to know? 
    She says she always wants to be your “go to girl” and that you will know what this means. She also says it is ok for you to “fly” with other horses, as long as she always has a place in your heart. She also wants you to trust your gut more or your instincts more and speak up. She says that you do understand her very well. Your relationship with her goes beyond riding, there is a deeper connection here. She is also a good communicator and very wise for a young  horse.”

I am only sharing a portion of the notes from the communication. It’s extremely emotional for me — I have felt an unbelievable amount of guilt for “sending her away” after she got hurt (she went out-of-state for a breeding lease while she heals). Receiving this was the closure I wanted. The closure I needed. Piper is my heart horse, she will always be my heart horse. I gave Debbie NO hints at this — the fact that she told me Piper is okay with me “flying with other horses” is like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I can’t thank Debbie enough for her consult with me and my horses. I had my doubts but she is the real deal.

If you have any interest in animal communication or want to schedule an appointment with Debbie, you can visit www.animaltelepathy.com.