Company Review: Vitalize Eq

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway that was full of gastric health products. My mare at the time was extremely ulcer-prone and these products were incredibly helpful. One company who donated product the giveaway was Vitalize Eq – they specialize in gut health supplements and have a few that I absolutely love.


The first product that really stood out the most was a supplement called Alimend® (this is one that came in my prize package from the giveaway). It comes in a one-gallon jug with a pump and is a serious game-changer for horses with gut problems. You just give 2 pumps per day for maintenance, or bump it up to 4 pumps per day if your horse will be exposed to higher stress than normal (ie. during a show, extra exercise, etc). It offers immune health, gut health, GI protection, and – best of all – peace of mind for the owner.


After trying Alimend®, I knew I needed to try more of their supplements for the rest of the horses in my care. I work full-time with a 501c3 rescue and a lot of the horses that come into our barn are neglected and malnourished. A Vitalize rep suggested I try their Digest More® Plus supplement. It’s a pelleted top-dressing that aids in nutrient absorption, immune health, and coat/hoof health. You just sprinkle on 1-2 scoops per day and feel some relief knowing your horse is in good care.

Don’t believe me when I say they work?

Check out this awesome before and after from one of the rescues we’ve had for the last 60 days. She’s been on free choice hay, a scoop of grain, and Vitalize supplements —

So what next?

Next on my list to try by Vitalize is their Equine High Performance feed. It has all the above benefits from their supplements, plus it specifically target ulcer prevention. I work with enough off-the-track thoroughbreds to know how beneficial that is! I can honestly say that this company has me as a loyal customer for all of my personal horses and for the rescues that come through our barn doors. If you want to give them a try, you can use the code “JOHNSON20” for 20% off any Vitalize product through and let me know how you like it!