Product review: Goode Rider Body Sculpting Riding Tights

Hello Fetching-Friends!

Who doesn’t love a good pair of riding tights?

With the warm months coming up (hopefully…) we all need the best riding tights in our closet to keep us from melting when we’re in the saddle.

I stumbled upon a pair of Goode Rider Body Sculpting Riding Tights on a clearance rack at my local tack shop. I tried them on and legitimately wanted to leave the store wearing them – they were THAT comfortable! If they didn’t have a silicone full seat, I would never have known they were riding tights.

Something I love about these riding tights is the “body sculpting” technology woven into them. I can definitely feel it when I’m wearing them! I feel secure; the fabric is supportive, but giving, like a compression fabric should be. (Plus who doesn’t love a little booty lift, right?) I was worried them about not having belt loops, but I actually found no issue with the waistband falling down while I rode. They have a mid-to-high rise waistband, so if you like the low-rise style then these might not be the best fit for you. I prefer a higher rise when I ride, so that’s not an issue for me.

I have become a huge fan of silicone full seats over the last year or so — IF the silicone is actually sticky. I’ve found a lot of silicone that doesn’t give any extra grip, in my opinion, over a regular suede. Most riding tights make me feel like I have no security, but these Goode Rider tights did NOT fail my expectations. The silicone was immediately noticeable as soon as I swung into the saddle. It wasn’t too sticky to keep me from adjusting my position if needed, but it gave me the grip I was looking for.

I finally found the perfect combination of comfort and security with these Goode Riders! They are officially the best pair of riding tights I have ever owned. If you don’t own a pair, you need to go out and pick some up ASAP.

XOXO emily + piper

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