PEOTW – The Double Arrow

Let’s mix things up!

Flat rides are not typically the most exciting rides for equestrians. Plodding around the arena, schooling a horse, walk/trot/canter, yada yada. A fun way to mix it up is to add in ground poles – so I decided to start this “Pole Exercise of the Week” to help #FreshenUpOurFlatRides. I’ll add a new exercise every week and explain all the ways to ride it. Let’s get started!

What’s up first?

Let’s start things off with some flair – I call this one “The Double Arrow”! It has a lot of variation on how you can ride it. You can also add the cavaletti at the ends or not, just adds some more difficulty.

So, what all can you do with it?

  • Walk/Trot/Canter down the middle to work on straightness and balance in the gait
  • Trot across the center two cavaletti for trot poles
  • Circle through each “arrow point” (stay closer to the point at trot for trot poles and farther back for canter poles)
  • Canter across the center two cavaletti for a bounce
  • Walk/Trot an “S” shape, entering from the side of one point, down the center, and out the other side of the other point to work on bending
Just one way you can ride it! This client horse, Brit, really benefited from it because he wanted to rush the “jumps”. It forced him to stay focused after each cavaletti or pole and made him work to stay balanced.

Give it a try!

I’d love to see how y’all ride this! Post below in the comments or post on your IG and tag me in it at @thefetchingmare!